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Women and Progress

In recognition of how well they manage their money and businesses on a cooperative basis, the International Collaborative awarded grants to the Monduli Pastoralist Women’s Organization (MPWO) and each of the Widow’s Groups. The groups do not need the grants to survive, but we present them as recognition for their

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Adapting to Climate Change-integrated program

Adapting to Climate Change with the Nature Conservancy The grasslands of Africa, especially those in the East Africa plains, including Tanzania, are a great resource. It is widely understood that they could be healthier, support more livestock and wildlife, and hold more carbon through strong, abundant grass. Mitigation of climate

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Maasai herdsmen

Spotlight on the ICSEE Manyara Feedlot

We welcome The Nature Conservancy! The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is an international organization active in Tanzania helping Rift Valley cattlemen make the necessary adaptations to the changing climate conditions. They have joined in our work at the ICSEE Manyara Feedlot. The Nature Conservancy is funding the expansion of facilities for

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Water Manager Training Workshop participants at Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill Updates

We’re delighted to announce that the Cypress Hill Institute is now ready for its new phase as an active Community Center. As you know, from the time ICSEE established Cypress Hill in 2017, we mounted popular training workshops. Here are just a few sample topics: Innovation in secondary school physics

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Mesha in Digodigo

What is our work now?

The need for collaboration for a better life never lessens. In the United States we have taken the COVID-19 pandemic as the central concern in our lives. In Tanzania, life continues more normally. Why the difference? We aren’t predicting outcomes, but we observe Tanzania has a very youthful population. It

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Our work now

In the United States we grapple with ideas of essential and non-essential activities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. These distinctions vary worldwide based on local conditions. Most importantly, the present and the future have to be considered simultaneously, and that is a challenge. As we confront the current

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Unbroken commitment

A message from Bob Lange: Each day, cases of Covid- 19 are confirmed in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have numerous concerns, but we are not trying to predict how the pandemic will be expressed and experienced in that part of the world. Kisioki, Mesha, and I, together with our experienced and

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Stoves to the Ngorongoro Highlands

Bringing stoves to the Ngorongoro Highlands is a new action for the conservation authorities.  The Ngorongoro Crater is one of Tanzania’s most renowned  wildlife conservation area. The agencies involved in conservation and wildlife support have come to realize that it’s crucial to also provide life-improving resources for the people living

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More light

Sometimes the people need more than a stove and a single light. Hyenas attacked Nangai’s goat corral and killed four goats in the village of Esilalei. Nangai had seen a grid providing light for all the houses and the corrals at his friend Lomnyak’s boma. He surmised that a greater

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Ngorongoro collaboration

Local mission-focused Tanzanian agencies are realizing that collaboration with ICSEE means effective action, productivity, and success. The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA) governs an area with more than 20,000 Maasai households. This group has the dual responsibility of improving lives of the Maasai while expanding the tourist utilization of this

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