Spotlight on the ICSEE Manyara Feedlot

Maasai herdsmen

Photography © Roshni Lodhia for The Nature Conservancy

We welcome The Nature Conservancy!

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is an international organization active in Tanzania helping Rift Valley cattlemen make the necessary adaptations to the changing climate conditions. They have joined in our work at the ICSEE Manyara Feedlot.

The Nature Conservancy is funding the expansion of facilities for feeding and watering 100 more cows. These places will be reserved for the use of the cattlemen working with the group, and also available to others when not in use by The Nature Conservancy clients.

Manyara feedlot

Traditional practices must adapt in the face of climate change

This collaboration enlarges the Feedlot, established In 2017 with its three-fold purpose:

The Manyara Feedlot is a teaching institution.

With the change in climate, cattle raising practices also need to change. Maasai herders can learn sustaining adaptations at the Manyara Feedlot.

With increased human population and cattle herd size, grasslands are under greater pressure. The men have to adopt an updated approach to raising cattle. To sustain their herds, they must sell regularly and keep herd sizes under control.

The Manyara Feedlot is a practical cattle care facility.

Rift Valley herders can bring cows to the Feedlot for three months to ensure that the cattle do not lose weight and value when grass is scarce. This means the cattle cared for at the feedlot can still be sold at good prices, even after periods of drought.

The Manyara Feedlot is the source of good jobs.

With every phase of our work, providing good earning opportunities is an ongoing goal for the International Collaborative. Caring for the resident cattle at the Feedlot is a good job for young men who do not yet have their own herd.