Our Work

The work of Maasai Stoves & Solar

The Maasai Stoves & Solar Project of the International Collaborative designs and installs smoke-removing and efficient wood-burning chimney stoves  and solar panel-based electrical systems  in the people’s homes. We also install settlement-wide solar panel-based micro-grid electrical systems for shared power. Water sanitation projects  are also central to our mission.

Project locations  

The Maasai Stoves & Solar Project started in Monduli district, Tanzania. We also work in Longido, Simajiro, and Ngorongoro districts. In Monduli district alone there are twenty thousand homes still to improve.  With one million Maasai in Tanzania, the International Collaborative’s broad programs show the way forward for widespread improvement in the lives of the people.

Climate change adaptation

As part of our climate change adaptation mission , projects that demonstrate new livestock management  and agriculture techniques  are key.  As climate changes, the people have to build on their local knowledge, outside ideas, and resources to overcome dependence on environmental conditions that are changing and out of their control.