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January  I don’t have to do that anymore Thoughts from the field and the People’s comments


November  Stoves at the Center Stove updates, Olmoti Village news, collaboration with G Adventures

October   Smart Farm  Introducing the ICSEE’s new demonstration farm

 September Able and Ready,Collaboration news with Global Fund for Widows and the Nature Conservancy

August  Exploring new Approaches  Announcing the Demonstration Farm, groundwater and pumping–an important step forward

July   Women in Action   Women from Mfereji , women organizing, men provide the goats

June   Inviting our Best Thinking  Facing rain dependence, farming, and climate change, new solar store, fodder factory

May    Four Pathways to Life Improvement  Improving smoky houses, Better water, women organizing, adapting herding practices

April    An Inside View  Visit to Olmoti, Getting to know a Women’s Group

March  Climate Change & Diversity Men controlling the resources, engaging the whole community, rain-based economy

Support International Collaborative

Noor Mollel

February  How We Use Your Donations  circulating funds in the community, local manufacturing, Meet Mr. Senge

January  Fruitful Discovery What makes us different? Ongoing collaborations, healthy water


November Making Life Better A surprising new water sanitation system, livestock on the move

September  An Authentic Path  Working with Humanity for Children and G-Adventures, stoves, solar at the core

June  Problem-solving Capacity Partnering with the Global Uplift Program, Feedlot updates, micro-grid electric service

April  Surprising Opportunities  Comparing water costs, fishing village at Lake Manyara, a legendary location

March  Positivity International Women’s Day participation

February  Three-pronged Approach Three different aspects of problem-solving for severe drought

January  The Last Mile  Collaborating with ADRA, Electric light at night, celebrating new Widow’s Groups


October  Making it Happen  Cypress Hill news,  solar panel energy for cooking

August  Why we Explore Our roots, 4900 stoves and counting, our approach to development

July Pathways to Empowerment, Can empowerment be measured? Women overcoming poverty while engaging men as allies.

June T

ICSEE water pilot project

Water installation–First stage completed!

he Torch Returns, International Collaborative Water and Fodder projects awarded by the Tanzanian government

May Making it Work for Everyone, Conservation and Wildlife Management Areas, Collaboration continues with the WWF, Successful projects with new stove installations

April  Widows Groups Thriving Celebrations, Recognizing accomplishments with grants, women and progress, water and rain

March Re-inventing the Wheel, The Story Continues. Collaboration updates with the Seventh Day Adventists, The Nature Conservancy, and the World Wildlife Fund.

February Then, Now, and Ahead  Our work–by the numbers, video of solar-electric installation, upcoming projects

January  A New Day Welcoming to The Nature Conservancy and ADRA, Appeal results, Spotlight on the Manyara Feedlot


November  Fortitude  Cypress Hill -a center for community, now and for the future, the Library, the Restaurant

September  The Way Forward  Tourism and the ICSEE, The Pandemic and the ICSEE, Cows or Goats? Meet a Funder

July Collaboration Today  Widow’s Project in Digodigo, MPWO news

May  Our Work Now  current work overview: Women’s groups, safe water, preparing Cypress Hill for new programs

ApriUnbroken Commitment Clean, healthy water, government joins, widows updates, Covid policies

March  A Gathering Place Cypress Hill updates, Classroom, Playground, Library, creative thinking

February  Meaningful Sustainability Expanding stoves into Ngorongoro and more from the Serengeti, Annual Appeal report

January  An Electrifying New Year Boma electrification,  collaborating with tourism, more light keeps hyenas away


November  Why Stay Close to the People? Water operators convene,  Water progress, Enjoying the telescope

October  Beyond Technology? Widows collaboration updates, project evolution from within the community, Mesha’s plan

September Stoves to the Serengeti  New stove geographies, a changing conservation approach, Kisioki’s report

August  Work +Play in Maasai Lands Cypress Hill updates, Olympiad for math students

May  Finding Solutions, Facing drought, school children working to raise funds

April  Exploring Leadership with ICSEE new workshops, meet a new leader, successful organizing, solving leadership challenges

February Time to Celebrate-Work with women receives recognition, A new kind of water system, Self-sustaining cattle operations

January Here Come the Goats-Successful work with widows, At the heart of the work, Monduli Pastoralist Women’s Organization update

Celebrating project success


October Small Changes, Big Impact-Adela’s sewing machine, Water safety report card, Next steps with water

September  Honoring the Work-The Project receives Tanzania’s Uhuru Torch award, Announcing new collaboration to help widows

AugustGaining Traction-New tractor, Dr. Bilal visits again, Stoves for Kenyan Maasai

JulyNews from the Field-4600 Stoves, Lignin lab, clean water, safer births in Enguiki

JuneA Good Fit-Sewing machines for the women of Lachaine, the new breeding herd progresses

MayBe Counted-Model Four of the ICSEE stove, Massachusetts students embrace the Project,  system updates, and  stove impact

April Change is Good-New work with widows and the cornflour mills, MPWO progress,  classes begin at Cypress Hill, producing cow fodder

January New Talent, New Ideas-Meet Mesha Singolyo, leader of our new Center

Cypress Hill new entrance

New entrance for Cypress Hill  2018)


December-Real Impact-Announcing new Cypress Hill Institute, low-cost safe water, what is our impact?

October Celebrating Progress-Progress with clean water, Uhuru Torch comes to the feedlot, a look at better house design

August Partnership Pathways-How our partnerships evolve, feedlot progress, eco-tourism news, Rwanda eye health collaboration,

JulyTaking Stock-Livestock stories, continued, new land in Rift Valley, water pilot begins in Myubuni, new village begins the Project

MayA New Approach-Festival of Light and microgrid electrification,  new approach to cow business, continuing the water story

AprilLike Family-Cleaner water, stoves for Rwanda, what happens during a drought?

JanMaking Strides-Monitoring indoor air quality, portable solar-powered pumping for water in remote areas


SeptSeeing is Believing– Testing three new stove designs, portable solar testing, Women’s Teams learning in new villages

August A New Launch– No More Darkness-powerful video about our work by Philip Lange

April Reaching Up! VP Bilal visits, building authentic earning opportunities, new herd for Monduli Women Pastoralists

MarchThumbs Up! – New corn flour mill helps widows, more time for growing vegetables

JanHere Only Work -Expanding microgrid electrification, expanding stove production capacity, training for women in Ngorongoro


Nov A New Level of Collaboration-Project comes to the Ngorongoro crater villages, Rwanda eye health, great video about our electrification work by Morgana Wingard for USAID

July 300 Healthier Homes – The Project expands, chicken ranches, science education opportunities

JuneAn Inventive Time – Innovations by staff, science and the Project

MayA New Spirit – Stove design updates, latest project news

MarchWomen Making History–The many accomplishments of MSS Project women

FebruaryLet it Shine– Celebrating the first Maasai boma electrification


October Collaborating for Success-stories of the Monduli Women’s Pastoralists Organization and the Cornflour mill, helping Maasai widows

May  Women Leap Forward -stories of empowerment and leadership, meet a new member of the Maasai Women’s Installation Team

April  A Visit from VP Bilal -a remarkable visit from Tanzania’s Vice President . View photos of preparation, meetings, greetings, and the Vice President’s speech

February Water research and Longido hosting stories

January  Solar updates, Health, stoves, and water, Uganda action