Cypress Hill Updates

Water Manager Training Workshop participants at Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill Workshop for Water Manager Training

We’re delighted to announce that the Cypress Hill Institute is now ready for its new phase as an active Community Center.

As you know, from the time ICSEE established Cypress Hill in 2017, we mounted popular training workshops. Here are just a few sample topics:

Innovation in secondary school physics education
ICSEE remote water sanitation chlorine systems-science, engineering & operation
Helping female police officers thrive in their difficult environment
Math Olympiad competition for secondary school students
Women’s health issues – discussion groups

Geared to a variety of audiences, the workshops werewell-attended and very successful. Now we want to offer much more.  We aim to embed workshops as special moments in a constant flow of beneficial community activities.

Cypress Hill Library and Computer Center

ICSEE Consulting Librarian Moni Sausi

ICSEE Consulting Librarian Moni Sausi

The International Collaborative is now taking the steps needed for the community to be able to use the Cypress Hill Library and Computer Center conveniently and productively.

Organizing a library that truly serves the community requires professional library science skills and we’ve hired Mr. Moni Sausi, with a Diploma in Library and Information Studies, to lead that effort.

ICSEE Staff Member Julius Moinget is the Manager of the Library and Computer Center. To best serve the community, he and Mr. Sausi work together to develop and maintain the library catalog and book collection management procedures.

Recently, a group of us traveled to Dar es Salaam and collected the 1100 books that had been sent to us by wonderful supporters in the U.K. through Book2Africa.

With your donations, we also went to Arusha and bought multiple copies of books, recommended by consulting educators, that cover the key secondary school subjects.

Upon completion of the cataloguing and shelving, we’ve planned an Open House. We are inviting the whole community,including a special welcome for  the local teachers and educational leaders.

To cement the bond between the people and the Community Center,  we’ve designed the new Library/Computer Center Membership Program.  Especially important, its low, affordable fee allows everyone access, while supporting ongoing activities.

Thank you for supporting this important work.