Unbroken commitment

Mesha Singolyo

A message from Bob Lange:

Each day, cases of Covid- 19 are confirmed in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have numerous concerns, but we are not trying to predict how the pandemic will be expressed and experienced in that part of the world.

Kisioki, Mesha, and I, together with our experienced and long-term Project staff, have deeply considered the situation. In response, we’ve created policies to guide us through. Things are not static and we will continue to adapt, as necessary.

I share this with you because we want and need you with us, as colleagues, as understanding friends, as collaborators, and as those who can help us with essential funds.

During this extraordinary time we continue to build, install, and create. In the midst of everything, there is tremendous progress with the Project’s work with water and with widow’s groups.

We will hold no large meetings nor host celebrations.

There are lots of wonderful things to do with small teams that include three to six people working together. We are arranging transportation, purchasing, and labor in ways that do not require work teams to mingle with those outside their group.

Maasai Stoves & Solar Covid-19 Policies
• We are adapting methods of organizing work that do not increase the likelihood of virus transmission
• To avoid aggravating poverty, we are continuing to employ our current staff and maintaining salary levels
Thank you for making it possible for the work to continue, now more than ever. I’m thinking of you and sending you all the best for continuing health, safety, and well-being.