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A Maasai Stoves & Solar intern in Tanzania

There are many ways to help our work. By serving as an intern or volunteer you join a dedicated community of like-minded individuals while providing essential services for a unique organization. Welcome!

Intern with the International Collaborative and the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project for an extraordinary experience. Interns receive an unparalleled opportunity to have a direct and positive effect in the developing world. See what true “foreign aid” is all about.

Learn Swahili on-site, adapt to a unique cultural environment, and work closely with local families, project managers, scientists, businesses, educators, and government. This is an unpaid internship requiring special qualifications.

Contact Robert V. Lange with your interest, or to recommend or sponsor a worthy intern.

 Volunteer for the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project

Are you a researcher? Do you like to write? Are you good with data entry? Are you interested in illustration, photography, or blogging?  Perhaps you speak Swahili or the Maasai language and wish to translate into English.

Whatever your volunteer “dream assignment” may be, there is a place for you in the International Collaborative. And because many volunteer opportunities are newly created, you have an important role to play in shaping the future.

And you don’t necessarily need to come on site to our Cambridge or Tanzania locations, or speak the region’s languages. We have many off-site opportunities.

Contact Debra Strick at 978-263-9425 to talk about what you might like to do. Not sure? We’ll have plenty of suggestions. Participation represents an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded people to discuss important issues.