Helping the people organize to reach for a better life, puts empowerment at the core of every aspect of the work of the International Collaborative.

Perhaps you are already aware of the danger of smoke in the homes of pastoral people in the developing world, caused by indoor cooking with open fires. This is a profound international health issue that affects millions. In response, the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project designs and installs clean-burning and efficient wood-burning stoves and solar panel-based electrical systems in the homes of the people. It also enables the installation of settlement-wide solar panel-based micro-grid electrical systems.

Since 2009, International Collaborative for Science, Education, and the Environment (ICSEE) has focused on the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project.

The work also includes exploration of new livestock practices at the Project’s Manyara feedlot, in response to increasing drought. Safe water is a key focus, through economical, reliable programs. And the Cypress Hill Institute is the International Collaborative’s research and training center, home to experimentation, learning, and community-wide participation.



We Maasai women aren’t waiting! Partnering with the International Collaborative, we are working hard for a better life now. Read More >>



Nothing helps lift a community from poverty like having electric light at night. Can there be light so far off the national grid?  Yes! Find out more >>



Can our stoves save lives? Absolutely! Indoor smoke is a profound international health issue that affects millions in the developing world. Read more >>


35 children out of 1000 die before the age of five from waterborne disease. We’re working on bringing clean water to the people. Read More >>


Maasai  traditional herding practices are world-famous, but are no longer succeeding in the face of environmental and social changes. Read more >>


ICSEE announces our Cypress Hill campus. As an “incubator” for life-improvement ideas, it sparks innovation, exploration, and learning. Read more >>

Work + Play in Maasai Land

August 15th 2019

Work on Cypress Hill progresses. We’re in the process of completing the new Children’s Weekend Center which includes a study room, play area, and restaurant. Play space We’ll soon complete the surface material of our new climbing and sliding mountain,… Read More →

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