Maasai Stoves & Solar Installation Team Leaders

Leadership in action with ICSEE

Meet the talented leaders of the International Collaborative, working across the many aspects of Project work.

The remarkable leaders of the Maasai Women’s Installation Team are forty strong—and growing. Throughout the Project villages, these leaders train and oversee 220 team members.

Leadership workshop at International Collaborative's Cypress Hill Institute

ICSEE Leadership Workshop

In addition, the women organized several groups under the ICSEE. Each group has an elected leadership team of six or seven women. These are the groups:

  • The Maasai Pastoralist Women’s Organization, (MPWO)
    200+ women are members in multiple locations. These are the expert stove installers from 20 Project villages. As the MPWO, they run a cattle business, buying and fattening bulls that they then sell at a profit.
  • Three widows’ groups
    Each with 25 people and x leaders. These groups are currently running goat businesses.

Meet ICSEE Leaders


Robert V. Lange, President, ICSEE

Dr. Robert V. Lange

Robert V. Lange, PhD, President and Founder of the International Collaborative, USA

Robert V. Lange studied at the California Institute of Technology and received his doctorate in Theoretical Physics from Harvard University. After post-doctoral research at Oxford, he joined the faculty of Brandeis University where he is retired and continues to teach in the Sustainable International Development Master’s Degree program of the Heller School. He began work in Tanzania in 1986 and founded the ICSEE in 1992. Read his full biography

Kisioki Lengoije Moitiko, Director ICSEE(T)

Kisioki Moitiko, Director, ICSEE(T) and Project Manager-in-Chief, Maasai Stoves & Solar

Using his mastery of the Maasai language, English, and Swahili to connect with people from all walks of Tanzanian life, Kisioki provides excellent oversight. He joined the ICSEE at the onset of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project.  Originally from Selela in the Monduli District, he is one of his father’s 84 children. An unequaled organizer, he is also an excellent solar electric engineer and water sanitation expert. He visited the U.S. twice–once to study solar electricity systems and once to participate in the Tanzanian delegation of the Young African Leaders Initiative, launched by President Obama.

Kisioki is also one of the three Directors of the International Collaborative in Tanzania.   Read a letter about electrification, and news of his visit to America.

Mesha Singolyo, Manager, Cypress Hill Institute. Lead Organizer of Women

leadership in action with Cypress Hill Manager, Mesha Singolyo

Mesha Singolyo, Manager, Cypress Hill Institute

Under Ms. Singolyo’s leadership, Cypress Hill offers a growing program of short courses that help people solve problems and move forward. Ms. Singolyo  established initial earning and business opportunities for women, with training given at the campus. Organizing groups of women engaging in successful collective and individual businesses, she is also at the helm of the International Collaborative’s widow’s program.

With a Master’s degree in Development and Gender Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam, Ms. Singolyo is an officer in the Community Development Department of the District Government, currently on leave. Intensely devoted to spreading an understanding of women’s and children’s rights, throughout her career she has worked for their improved lives.

Ms. Singolyo recently received her second Masters Degree. It is in Education Management and Evaluation from Arusha University.


Ms. Esupat Loseku, Head of the Monduli Pastoralist Women’s Organization (MPWO)

Esupat Loseko

Esupat Loseku

The women of the MPWO are the installers of the ICSEE custom-made stoves that are now in more than 2500 Maasai homes. Esupat was one of the original trainers and has risen to the top role of the organization. The MPWO began a cattle fattening business in 2016 that continues through the present.

Mr. Julius Loibor, Research and Planning Officer

Julius has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in statistics. His research design, analysis, and reporting skills are central to ICSEE’s capacity to carefully execute accurate reports. These include baseline studies demonstrating widespread conditions before ICSEE interventions. These measurements are essential for informing strategic decisions.

Mr. Kisika Laizer

Kisika Laizer

Kisika manages the ICSEE work in the Rift Valley. He is educated as a teacher but loves this work. He organizes women’s groups with businesses, and also engages with the ICSEE Cow Fodder Factory and the Manyara Feedlot. These are both important in helping Maasai herdsmen adapt successfully as climate changes.

Ms. Ngakenya Moitiko

Ngakenya is the ICSEE liaison with visiting tourists who come with G-adventures Tourist Company. The visitors learn how Maasai women are working together on stoves and solar to improve their lives. She is also on the team to organize women’s business groups.

ICSEE Supporters and Governance

Join us! The International Collaborative community of supporters includes dedicated academics, activists, artists, biologists, designers,  development specialists, ecologists,energy professionals, engineers, manufacturers, marketers, physicians, public health leaders, scientists, “stovers”, water specialists, women’s studies professionals,  and more.

ICSEE diversity allows the ability to meet challenges with confidence, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. With your help, ICSEE achieves transformative changes.

Board of Advisors of the International Collaborative (USA)


Robert V. Lange, PhD
Physics Professor Emeritus
Brandeis University


Joy de Beyer, PhD
Senior Health Economist, World Bank (retired)

Jonathan Lange
Professional Organizer
Industrial Areas Foundation

Philip Lange
Photographer and Videographer

Dee Lawrence

Overlook Foundation and Honduran Stove Project

Robert Van Buskirk, PhD

Solar energy expert working in rural Malawi

Donald Thieme

Health Systems Management (retired)

Katherine Yih, PhD, MPH
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Department of Population Medicine