Announcing the new Cow Fodder Factory

We are proud to announce the establishment of our new Cow Fodder Factory at our lot in Mto wa Mbu.

We’ve seen that droughts and grass shortage are going to be a permanent feature of the pastoralist life here. So providing high quality, and affordable cow fodder is an essential service to the cattle herders who won’t be able to depend on their traditional grazing.

We are establishing our own hybrid breeding herd for cattle better adapted to dry conditions. We also have our feedlot where we are paid to take care of cattle for others.

The new factory will create at least five jobs. Creating employment opportunities is high on the list of ICSEE(T) priorities

Turning waste into valuable food

We are very happy to be able to use ingredients that are “waste” residues of other processes.

Maize and rice brand are leftovers from flour and rice commercial production and are full of good nutrients.

Sunflower cake is what is left when oil is pressed from sunflower seeds, and is still full of calories and protein.

And corncobs, left over from the human staple, provide more calories and bulk and fiber and a valuable part of the fodder, after we treat them for digestibility and add them to the mix.


High quality storage bins allow us to buy ingredients when prices are low, and protect them until they are needed. We contract with the lowest-priced sources and have an adequate supply to tide us over through the dry seasons, whenever they come.

After our own uses, the sale of the rest of our production will pay enough to cover the expenses and salaries, and the factory will be self-sustaining. And it will be an example of how it is possible to turn “waste” into something of great value that is strongly needed.