VP Bilal visits

Retired Tanzanian VP Dr. Mohammed BIlal

Dr. BIlal observes the boma electrification

Observing off-the-grid electrification

Tanzania’s recently retired Vice President, Dr. Bilal, came to see
our off-the-grid electrification of Maasai bomas.

He visited a boma on a rainy night to see just how much
difference lighting makes for the people.

Two days later he visited a large boma in the Rift Valley. He watched a team of men and women installing a micro-grid serving twelve houses and several corrals. This required two batteries, two panel locations, and lots of equipment.

With 200 workers, residents, and guests also in attendance, the
installation finale was a big party with speeches, dancing and



VP Bilal greets the people of the Project and guests

Greeting Dr. Bilal

For the first time, warriors joined the women in the
singing and dancing. The event was aired on the evening TV
news, with excerpts of Bilal’s and Kisioki’s speeches and an
interview with Maasai women installers.