Stove design updates

New stove design updates

Building chimney for ICSEE smoke-reducing stove

Learning to build chimneys for ICSEE smoke-reducing stoves

In a typical Maasai household, the ICSEE stove models distributed from April of 2011 through August, 2015 use approximately 40 kilograms of wood a week. We are now installing our newest design. It is well worth introducing for new features adding to its durability and function. To date, we have installed 600 of the newest stove version.

This latest design version removes bricks from inside the firebox. In earlier versions they were vulnerable to the high temperatures there. We also added a chamber that women can use to heat water while they cook without requiring a second pot.
Maasai woman carrying wood

Less wood consumed means less wood-carrying labor for women

Since we did not alter the draft patterns of the stove, we expect the same efficiency levels as our earlier models. We expect to continue to reduce wood use from100 kg down to 40 kg per household, as compared to the traditional three-stone cooking fire method.

We recently measured five homes with the new firebox installed and are happy to report they they show an average use of 41 kg of firewood per week, and just 5.8 kg per person.

We’ve just begun collecting these data and will continue to keep you up to date as we approach a significant sample size. We are very happy with this result, so far.