Making it Work for Everyone

Installing the chimney

In Tanzania, Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are quite different from the National Parks.

In addition to wildlife, WMAs include villages and livestock. Conservation goals include managing these areas so that both wildlife and village life can thrive. At some WMAs investors are looking at establishing lodges for visitors. With these, tourists could enjoy the mixture of life there, while also viewing the wildlife in a freer way than is allowed in the national parks. More walking safaris and night-time game viewing could be added.

Improving village life and health can make this work for everyone. Motivated by life improvement, the World Wildlife Fund established and sponsored a program with the ICSEE (T) to install our efficient and health-improving chimney stoves in 80 homes in four WMAs.

Trainees selecting bricks for the ICSEE stove installation

A challenging and stimulating effort

We delivered two ICSEE brick-making machines to Miatu and Mugumu. These towns are near the villages of the WMAs on the western side of Serengeti National Park. Two expert soil-cement brick- makers traveled with the machines.With the help of two men in each location, they completed the production of the 2400 bricks needed for 20 stoves installations in each WMA. For the other two WMAs that are closer to Arusha, we bought bricks there, and trucked them over.

Trainers and trainees

We held a very successful three-day training at our Cypress Hill campus. An ICSEE(T) team of eight expert Maasai women stove installers trained forty-four of the WMA women to become installers.After the trainees returned home, three women and two men trainers traveled to the four WMA locations. They held additional five-day sessions on-site. This allowed the installation of the first ten stoves in each WMA.

Logistics and challenges

Fixing the car and continuing the jouirney

Imagine our four vehicles heading off at the same time to four different far-off points. The western points were all way beyond the Serengeti, and to the east, almost to Mt. Kilimanjaro.Of course, car issues are to be expected. In spite of a failed shock absorber and a broken water hose, we accomplished the mission. That’s normal life here.Upon completion, our trainer teams will return to each of the WMAs to inspect and certify the installation of all 20 stoves in each. If needed, they’ll help with final installation details.

Already proving to be a good program

Most important for us is that 80 homes will have the benefits of the ICSEE stove. And because different teams of women participated in each segment, 32 women had the opportunity for extra earnings, along with our paid in-house staff. The women, in particular, very much enjoy having the chance to visit new areas, and to meet new colleagues.

Thank you to our donors and the World Wildlife Fund, Tanzania for making this possible.