Mesha Singolyo, Manager, Cypress Hill Institute. Lead Organizer of Women

Under Ms. Singolyo’s leadership, Cypress Hill offers a growing program of short courses that help people solve problems and move forward. Ms. Singolyo  established initial earning and business opportunities for women, with training given at the campus. Organizing groups of women engaging in successful collective and individual businesses, she is also at the helm of the International Collaborative’s widow’s program.

With a Master’s degree in Development and Gender Studies from the University of Dar es Salaam, Ms. Singolyo is an officer in the Community Development Department of the District Government, currently on leave. Intensely devoted to spreading an understanding of women’s and children’s rights, throughout her career she has worked for their improved lives.

Ms. Singolyo recently received her second Masters Degree. It is in Education Management and Evaluation from Arusha University.