New Education Programs Planned

New Education Program for Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill electronics workshop

Electronics workshop with Malawi visitors

A significant social need

There are many young people who need to repeat parts of the national exams to get the scores up to what they need to carry on with their life plans.

They can retake the exams, but first need help to prepare at “Private Candidate, ” or “PC” Education Centers. These Education Centers are a significant social need. The courses last nearly a year, and must cover what the students need to be more successful on their second try.

Making it happen

The site has yet to be inspected and certified by the Adult Education Department of the regional government.

First, we need more classroom space. And this takes resources. This is where a group named The Friends of Tanzania comes in.

We’ve known the group for a long time. Many of the members served in the Peace Core in Tanzania, and have a deep personal connection with the country. Together, they find projects they feel are worthy of the group’s financial support.

They recently contacted us to see if we had a project that fit their priorities and we found what they were seeking. In order to mount the new PC Education Center program, we need an additional classroom.

We are delighted that the Friends of Tanzania are donating half the funds needed to build a new library and computer center building at Cypress Hill. We will match their grant with general funds.

Maasai Stoves & Solar library and computer lab

The library and computer lab will move to the new building

Once we’ve moved the books and computers to the new building (see the beginning of the foundation, in photo above) we’ll have the classrooms and small lab spaces needed to set up the new center.

The Cypress Hill hostel and restaurant will provide the rest of the facilities needed–even our basketball and net ball goals will come into play!

A new direction

This is a new direction for the ICSEE and will take a lot of careful planning and good management. We have found excellent advisors at nearby schools, and are ready to tackle this challenge. Students pay for these programs, but we will be subsidizing for a while as we get it established.

We are so very grateful to the Friends of Tanzania organization, and to all of you, who make dreams come true every day. Twende!