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Maasai Women Organize

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Monduli Women’s Pastoralist Organization

The women of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project are deeply committed. They love the work and the feelings of new power and freedom that comes from their participation.

Member of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Team

Member of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Team

To determine and achieve their own goals as Maasai women, they formed a new group last spring. Named the Maasai Pastoralist Women’s Organization (MPWO),  the group now has more than 100 dues-paying members. They meet to address their most urgent concerns, and continue to work towards the health and home improvement goals of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project.

The women elected officers and set up mechanisms to coordinate participants from two different areas, those from near Monduli Town and those from the Rift Valley.

Congratulations to the MPWO. View their website.

Making History in the Developing World

The MPWO started livestock businesses with capital from ICSEE. They anticipate a good profit this summer when they plan to sell their first 40 goats and 30 bulls.

Maasai Solar Project Launch Event- January 20, 2015
Young bulls are part of the women’s first livestock project


This sort of business is unprecedented for Maasai women, and the men are extremely interested in seeing their wives and sisters making a success of it.

Aims of the Maasai Pastoralists Women’s Organization

The MPWO does not want to stick to traditional Maasai financial activities, and applied for money to start a concrete brick manufacturing business. As their ultimate goal, they aim to help all women and girls get the education and independence they need. The MPWO realizes that it will be a gradual process.

They recently welcomed Kira Levin, a student from Brandeis University. She was awarded a grant from the Davis foundation to spend the summer with the MPWO to help them learn and manage modern electronic communications. She facilitated the launch of two new chicken and egg businesses to serve as their learning laboratory for business management and marketing.

Joyce Olitai

Joyce Olitai

In addition to graduate students Elise Willer and Rebecca Sliwoski, Kira is one of three Brandeis women who have been helping the MPWO establish themselves in this world of internet, world wide web, and sophisticated fundraising procedures.

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