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We are excited to bring our Project to the village of Alailelai. Located north of the Ngorongoro crater on the escarpment west of the Rift Valley, Alailelai’s remote location presents challenges. But it is a natural and perfect place to expand.

Alilailei villager home, courtesy of NCN/Judy Lane

Alilailei villager home, courtesy of NCN/Judy Lane

The Maasai there need to get the smoke out of their houses and to direct their kids onto a healthier path.

Through the Ngorongoro Community Network (NCN), Judy Lane of central Massachusetts helps this village in many ways. The NCN built a new kindergarten and provides funds to help kids stay in secondary school. And just as our women in Monduli district are starting livestock businesses, the NCN helps women of Alailelai start their own goat businesses.

It is good that organizations like ours find each other and collaborate. Thank you to NCN and to Judy Lane.

One of Tanzania’s most famous natural wonders, the Ngorongoro crater is a major tourist destination.

With its conservation area designation, travel is strictly controlled, and we’ve had to get special permits to transport materials and our expert Maasai women to train the Alailelai teams.

A beautiful region just to the north and east of the Ngorongoro crater, Alailelai is reachable only by driving through the crater or around its rim. The roads are now passable after the rainy season, and the training is underway right now.

A team of our expert Maasai women from the Rift Valley and Monduli region are up in Alailalai ward and are training the women of Alailelai , Archani Omelok, and Isenduii villages to install the stoves and solar.

Meet Alapajara Matingoi Tawo


Alapajara Tawo, ICSEE staff

Alapajara Tawo, ICSEE staff

To keep the stoves installations growing and to support the work of the women’s teams, a Maasai Stoves & Solar staff person is close to all villages in which we have ever worked. Join us in welcoming our newest staff member, Alapajara Matingoi Tawo from Alailelai. We look forward to his participation in all our staff activities, near and far.