Eye health

George Vardaman, Peace Eye Care

George Vardaman, Peace Eye Care

“I saw first hand the impact of your Stoves in the mountains above Monduli–what a blessing your technology is for Africa–MURAKOZE! ” —

Getting the smoke out of the house is not just about lung health. The women are glad their chronic eye irritation is gone too.

We are very happy that the Peace Eye Care project of Saddleback Church in Orange County, California and Rwanda has discovered us.

Peace Eye Care treats vision problems and provides eye exams and glasses. In partnership with us, they are now tackling a primary cause of the people’s eye problems: smoky cooking in poorly ventilated homes.


Chimney’s from smoke-removing stoves–now in Rwanda

George Vardaman, Russell Lange, and Rwandan leader Simon Mateka represent the Rwandan project team. They recently spent two days visiting several of our Project villages with stoves in operation. They saw one of our electrified bomas at night in Enquiki, observed womens’ team stove installations, and learned how women train women to be the installation experts.


We are very pleased to collaborate with the Peace Eye Care Project. It takes time to create and master all the aspects of a successful joint project, and we are both committed to making sure it happens right.

Our fireboxes, manufactured at our Tanzanian headquarters, have arrived in Rwanda. We will guide them in setting up a metal manufacturing facility in central Rwanda, keeping costs down while developing local capabilities.