Expanding the Project into Uganda

Healthier homes for the Batwa people of Uganda

Healthier homes for the Batwa people of Uganda

At the invitation of the Ecolife Foundation, the International Collaborative expanded the Project to Uganda.

The Ecolife Foundation is trying to help the Batwa people of Uganda. Exiled from their traditional homeland in the Impenetrable Forest, their lives have become very difficult. Replacing their traditional cooking fires with our stoves goes a long way to improve health and quality of life in the new location.

The Batwa of Bwindi

Maasai Stoves & Solar Project

Bringing the Project to Uganda

In 2013 we made our first visit to Bwindi, Uganda to demonstrate stoves. Project Manager Kisioki Moitiko and Vicki Daniel, Mery Yohana, and Niamini Yamati (three Maasai women from our Women’s Installation Team) put in the first stoves and chimneys.

Our collaboration with the Ecolife Foundation has many exciting facets, including health education. We gave a talk at the Bwindi Community Hospital about the health benefits of the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project stoves.

Smoky houses and health issues

Many Batwa (and Maasai) do not yet realize the direct connection between smoky houses and health issues of women and children. The Ecolife Foundation will be working with the Hospital to develop health education materials in English and Rukiga languages to address this need.

Batwa women elected to the Bwindi Stoves & Solar Installation Team traveled to Monduli to receive training. Leaders from the Maasai Installation Team in Monduli  traveled to Uganda to give on-site instruction and support. The Bwindi team is in the process of installing the first 400 fireboxes shipped from our factory to Bwindi.





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